Two international students in our school have won the honor of "excellent international students in China" from the Ministry of Education

Two international students in our school have won the honor of "excellent international students in China" from the Ministry of Education.

近日,教育部国际教育交流司、国家留学基金委下发通知,公布了2020年度教育部“优秀来华留学生”获奖名单,我校国际学生 MILEMBOLO MIANTEZILA JUNIOR(国籍:刚果民主共和国,中文名:李鲁)、JAMAL MIFTAH BEDRU(国籍:埃塞俄比亚,中文名:明泰)榜上有名。

Recently, the Department of International Education Exchange of the Ministry of Education and the National Fund for Study Abroad issued a notice and announced the winners of the 2020 outstanding international students in China.International students in our school named MILEMBOLO MIANTEZILA JUNIOR (Nationality: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chinese name:Li Lu) and JAMAL MIFTAH BEDRU (Nationality: Ethiopia, Chinese name:Ming Tai) are on the list.

The scholarship was established by the Ministry of Education in 2015. It is selected for all students in second grade (including) or above in all Chinese government scholarship institutions in China. The purpose is to commend international students with outstanding scientific research ability as well as excellent academic performance, and to encourage students to study hard and enterprise hard in China. Four students in our school won this honor in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


In 2020, the Ministry of Education had a total of 200 open places. Li Lu and Mingtai recommended by our university competed with nearly 1,000 outstanding students from more than 300 universities across the country and won.

李鲁,我校电子信息工程学院2018级博士研究生,指导教师为郭滨教授。自入校以来在学习和科研上投入大量时间和精力,在《Sensors Journal》、《IEEE Proceeding》国际核心刊物上以第一作者发表SCI论文2篇。李鲁同学不仅科研能力较强,课余生活也丰富多彩,爱好摄影的他用镜头记录了中国多地的风俗人情。李鲁同学本科、硕士阶段均在我校就读。在读书期间,每次寒暑假回国,李鲁同学也把对中国的感情带回去,帮助刚果民主共和国的一些中资企业和当地政府进行沟通交流,成为中国-刚果民主共和国两国友好交流的使者。

MILEMBOLO MIANTEZILA JUNIOR (Li Lu), is a 2018 PhD candidate who major in the School of Electronic and Information Engineering of our university. His supervisor is Professor Guo Bin. Since entering the school, he has invested a lot of time and energy in learning and doing scientific research. He published 2 SCI papers as the first author in the International core journals of "Sensors Journal" and "IEEE Proceeding". MILEMBOLO MIANTEZILA JUNIOR (Li Lu), not only has a strong scientific research ability, but also has a rich and colorful life outside the school. He loves photography and records Chinese local culture in many places of China. He earned his bachelor and master’s degree in our university. During his learning period, when he returned home in the summer and winter vacations, he also brought his feelings for China to his country, and helped some Chinese enterprises in the Democratic Republic of Congo to communicate with the local government. He has become an ambassador of friendship between China and The Democratic Republic of Congo.


明泰,计算机科学技术学院2016级博士研究生,指导教师为蒋振刚教授和方明教授。在校期间,在机器视觉与机器人研究室实验室学习,以第一作者在《Symmetry-Basel》、《Sensors Journal》等国际核心期刊发表高水平SCI论文2篇,目前还有以第一作者在《IEEE Open Access Journal》1篇高水平论文待发表。明泰同学不但成绩优异,而且平时团结同学,尊敬老师。每次有新生来报道,如果语言沟通方面有障碍,明泰总是热心的充当留管老师和新生之间的翻译。同学之间有矛盾时,他也总是尽力去协调,深受老师和其他同学的喜爱。

MIFTAH BEDRU JAMAL (Ming Tai) was enrolled  in 2016 as Doctoral student in the School of Computer Science and Technology under the supervision of Professor Jiang Zhengang and Professor Fang Ming. During his stay in the school, Miftah diligently studied in Machine Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory. He published 2 high-level SCI papers as the first author in international core journals such as "Symmetry-Basel" and "Sensors Journal".  He is expecting to publisha high-level paper in "IEEE Open Access Journal" sooner. He attended and contributed to prestigious international conferences in china and elsewhere. He actively participated in Ethio-china- “destined friendship” documentary which was jointly produced by JilinTV and Ethiopian News Agency. MIFTAH (Ming Tai) not only has excellent grades and research success, but also known to be very friendly, respectful to fellow classmates and respects teachers. He has been enthusiastic and eager to support teachers in many volunteer activities including as a translator between newly arriving student and the teachers in case of obstacles in language communication. When there are conflicts and other problems arising between his fellow classmates, he has always played best exemplary role to coordinate and resolve such issues along with his friends. He is also respected by teachers and other classmates.