Apply for a Visa/Residence Perm

An important note: All the applicants should make X1/X2 visa to enter China and enroll their name at the international student office immediately upon their arrival so that they can make their residence permits with the teacher’s help. (Those who enter China with visa free are forbidden to make a residence permit)

1. Documents required

      Original passport and its copy

      Photos specialized to use for visa/residence permit

      The original Admission Notice and its copy

      The original form of JW201/202 and its copy

      The original issued by the authorized local police station. 

      The original physical check up report issued by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and its copy 

      Application Form for Foreigners> sealed by IEEC

      An official letter to Changchun Public Security Bureau (sealed by CUST) 

      A copy of CUST’s organization code certificate 

      A Jinlin Entry-exit Management System CD which records the student’s passport information 

2. Charges 

      RMB 400 for a residence permit less than one year; 

      RMB 800 for a residence permit between one year and three years 

      Follow the advice of Charge issued by Jilin Public Security Bureau 

3. Stipulations  

      Students enjoying scholarship can only apply a 2-year residence permit at most a time;

      Self-supported students can only apply for a 1-year residence permit on condition that they pay off the required fees. A half-year payment of the required fees is available for at most a half-year residence permit. 

      A 1-year residence permit is actually a year minus 2 days, for example, supposing the student applies for a residence permit on September 9, 2015, the expiration date of the residence permit is September 7, 2016. 

      A 30-day visa is required to make residence permit at least one day in advance. For example, if the student takes a passport with a 30-day visa issued on September 9, 2015, he/she should make a residence permit before October 8, 2015.

      Due to a lot of documents should get ready before making a residence permit, the student must submit their application to the International Student Office for a renewal of a visa or residence permit 30 days in advance. 

      The Public Security Administration has the right to cancel the residence permit held by those who violate China’s law. The student bears the loss the cancellation brings about.

      The Public Security Bureau has the right to coordinate with CUST to cancel the residence permit of the student who violates the rules and regulations of CUST and the student bears all the loss the cancellation brings about. 

4. Location 

      Address:No. 688, Guangming road(1-floor Lobby of the Entry-exit Administration) 


      How to get there: 

        a. By bus, the student can take Bus 306 at “Changchun ligong” stop and get off at “Renmin Guangchang” stop. Then please walk westward 300 meters where the location is. 

        b. By Taxi, the student can take a taxi at the south campus of CUST with a payment of about RMB14 plus RMB 1 fuel surcharge. 5. Procedure 

A. The student should first take pictures special for visa/residence permit at the photo studio facing the Entry-exit Administration building and the pictures cost RMB 30 with a validity of 6 months. 

B. The student then should enter the Administration building to get a queue number at the lobby and wait for his/her turn. 

C. When it comes to the student’s turn, he/she should submit all the documents to Window 14. 

D. The student then should take a photo at Window 13 for electronic photographic archive and get a return receipt as well as a certificate for the student to pay for his/her residence permit 

E. The student then pays for his/her visa/residence permit and gets an invoice at the charges window 

F. The student is unable to get the visa/residence permit on the submission day, so he/she should go to get it on the date written on the return receipt. 

G. Please keep well the return receipt which is equivalent to the student’s passport and available for travel in a train or by airplane. 

H. Upon getting back the passport with valid visa/residence permit, the student is required to report to the International Students Office. 

6. Teacher in charge of visa/residence permit: Zhao Beifeng 

      Office:On the tenth floor of Huayuan Hotel