Student Associations

International Culture Exchange Association builds a favorable platform for Chinese and foreign students to communicate and help with each other. Meanwhile, it offers help to those international freshmen get accustomed to the campus life soon. The association has four divisions and they Secretary Dept, Academic Dept, Campus Life Dept, Art Dept and P.E Dept. The association’s work covers:

a.The association offers assistance to international freshmen by helping them with a mobile SIM card, a bank card, visa application, daily stuff purchase and how to borrow books from the library, and among others.

b.The association offers help with international students’ study, for example, Chinese students majoring in Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language can supervise them over the difficulties in culture diversity and Chinese grammar; Chinese students majoring in Foreign Language can help international students overcome the difficulties in language grammar and idioms via mutual communication.

c.The association organizes various activities with involvement of both Chinese and foreign students to make the culture interaction fruitful on campus .