International students got to know Chinese traditional art “paper-cutting”

In order to let international students learn more about Chinese culture and enrich their campus life, International Education and Exchange College held a paper cutting activity in Room 404 of teaching building in the South Campus On November 24th. Teacher Xiaoyu Jin conducted this interesting class. A total of 12 students participated in the event, they were from Russia, Vietnam, Burundi and other countries. For these students, this was their first time to contact with paper-cutting. They were very excited and curious. After Teacher Liu taught them how to fold and make paper cuts, the students couldn’t wait to get stated. It's easier said than done. Many students failed in their first attempt. But they were not discouraged, kept improving and finally everyone cut out a beautiful piece of work.

first step:paper-folding

second step: drawing pattern

final step: cutting

A small piece of paper cutting, carried not only Chinese profound traditional culture but also  full of love of Chinese profound traditional culture. Every student cut out a naive panda at the end.

teacher's cut

After this event, International students got to know Chinese traditional art “paper-cutting” and added spice to campus life.