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School of Science

School of OptoElectronic Engineering

School of Mechatronical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering (English-taught)

    Program Highlights

    Training Goals
    This disciple cultivates high-level talents, including moral, intellectual and physical all-round development in science and technology, should master specialized knowledge and basic theory of the mechanical engineering discipline, so that not only engaged in scientific research in the field of mechanical engineering and design work, but also to undertake the teaching and management work in related areas. The ability to be cultivated should include:
    1.The ability of knowledge acquisition
    They can learn through various methods and channels, grasp the theory, method and technology in the field of mechanical engineering and the professional knowledge deeply, familiar with the latest development status and trends of this discipline.
    2.The scientific research and innovation ability
    They should be familiar with the basic research methods, technology and standards in the field of mechanical engineering, can find the relevant scientific problems from the literatures, experiments and engineering practices, and go on innovation design for the mechanical products, equipment or technology, have the ability of specialized technical work and scientific research.
    3.The engineering practice ability
    They can use testing technology, analyzed software and laboratory equipment to model engineering problem, innovate and design new products, research new technology and carry out scientific experiments.
    4.Academic communication ability
    They can read specialized foreign language information skillfully and certain writing, translating, listening and speaking ability, have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, have certain international vision and cross-cultural communication environment, competition and cooperation ability.

    Contact Information

    TEl: +86-431-8558-3291
    Fax: +86-431-8530-9021
    Address: 307, Teaching Building, No.7186, Weixing Road, Changchun, Jilin Province, 130022, P. R. China
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School of Electronics and Information Engineering

School of Computer Science and Technology

  • Computer Technology
  • Software Engineering(English-taught)
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Master of Computer Applied Technology (English-taught)

    Program Highlights

    About Major
    The computer major was established in Changchun University of Science and Technology in 1977, and it became the School of Computer Science and Technology in 1987. The schoolis one of the only 60 schools that were granted the qualification of conferring doctoral degrees in the first-grade discipline of computer science and technology in China. The school was approved to be the key discipline of Jilin Province on computer science and technology.
    Currently, the school has three national research and education platforms including the Special Film Technique and Equipment National-Local Joint Engineering Center, the Pilot Computer Teaching Experiment Center and the Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Network Security and Network Attach-Defense. Within these centers, there are 13 laboratories being located in the applied research and engineering. The school has also established long-standing cooperative relationships with some corporations and universities, such as Hitachi Medical Corporation in Japan, Okayama University, and meanwhile, the school is one of the joint graduatetraining schools of information technology within University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
    Moreover, the school has established long-standing cooperative relationships with a number of well-known multinational and domestic corporations, such as Barco, Lenovo, 360 and so on, and has made every effort to contribute the compound talents of high-level techniques and management capabilities.

    About Teachers

    Currently, the school has a qualified and responsible teaching team comprised of 52 academic staff including 13 professors (of 25%). There are 36 members having been conferred with doctoral degrees (of 69%), 8 members being entitled with several national- and provincial-level qualifications, such as “The New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”, “JilinProvince Discipline Outstanding Professor” and so on. 
    The teaching team assembled plenty of academic and engineering professional talents with international academic vision. There are over 60 percent of members having experienced their research work in the well-known universities at abroad, such as University of Pennsylvania (U.S.), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), etc., and 13 members having obtained their Ph.D. from some famous universities at abroad, such as University of Bordeaux (France), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), etc.

    About Cultivation Direction

    Through the cultivation, the master degree candidates would gain the proficiency in fundamental theories of computer science and in development of computer application systems, the capability of independently performing special tasks in the field of computer science and technology, the qualifications for jobs of teaching courses in computer application systems and of designing and developing computer application systems. 

    About Research Specialties

    • Digital media technology and application
      Relying on the Special Film Technique and Equipment National-Local Joint Engineering Center, the research topics include the key techniques of filmmaking and play of special films, the solid modeling of graph and image, the generation and rendering of virtual scenes, the man-computer interaction, the intelligent surveillance, the video processing techniques, as well as the applications in the corresponding research field.
    • Image processing and computer vision
      Relying on the Medical imaging computation engineering laboratory of Jilin Province, the research work concretes on the methodologies of computer vision, target tracking, face detection, image retrieval, image understanding, as well as the applications in intelligent robot, Identification between Friend or Foe systems, medical imaging equipment, film and video making, and playback equipment.
    • Software/ network Engineering and applications
      Relying on the network database application software science and technology innovation center of Jilin Province, the research work focuses on the architecture and core composition of cloud-computing servers, the technologies of the virtualization, the cloud computing platform management, the distributed computation, the distributed storage systems, the data management, the internet of things, as well as the applications of these technologies in precision agriculture, smart city, smart campus, and GIS, etc. 

    About practice and training

    The professional practices are carried out directed by the supervisors within either the research centers/platform or the companies. Generally, the content of the practice is some part of one research project, during which the students participate in the project as team members. Before the practice, the students are demanded to submit their applications and practice plan. After the practice, they are required to submit their practice report. Referring to the performance of the students during the practice process, it is examined by either the supervisor from the university or the co-supervisor in the company. Once the students pass the examination, he would get 10 credit accordingly, which will be filed by the organization providing the practice. Moreover, the students are encouraged to combine their work during the practice with their thesis in order to propose and present their contribution.

    Contact Information

    TEl: +86-431-8558-3291
    Fax: +86-431-8530-9021
    Address: 307, Teaching Building, No.7186, Weixing Road, Changchun, Jilin Province, 130022, P. R. China
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School of Material and Chemical Industry

School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

School of Life Science and Technology

School of Economics and Management

  • Industrial Economics
  • Enterprise Management
  • Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration (English-Taught)

    Program Highlights

    The significance of the specialty/discipline in China

    Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) initiated the discipline of Management Science in 1980 and obtained the right to grant master’s degree in 1998. Enterprise Management has been approved as a provincial key specialty in the Eleventh 5-year Plan. Management Science and Engineering is accepted as a key specialty in the Eleventh 5-year Plan. CUST was approved to have the right to grant MBA degree in 2009. 

    MBA program embodies CUST’s characteristics and its superiority. Based on Management Science with multi-disciplines as its cornerstone, it is especially outstanding in the research on Strategic Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and among others. CUST employs rigorous education philosophy, attaches great importance to teaching quality and focuses closely on combining theory with practice. The university has solid foundation with its coordinate development of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Law and Literature. CUST now has formed a featured teaching system with a formidable team of qualified teachers, rich disciplinary basis and abundant experience in running a university, favorable education environment and perfect curriculum management by means of offering excellent courses and systematic professional training.

    Relying on the platform of Jilin Business Economics Research Center which is provincial university key research base of humanities, CUST engaged in research closely related to practical applications to serve local and regional economic construction. The university undertakes projects of Natural Science Fund of China, Social Science Fund of China. Faculty members have published many high-qualified papers on SCI and CSSCI with a serial research achievements which exert influence in Jilin Province and even domestically.

     Introduction to the team of teachers

    Currently there are 40 full time teachers devoting to the Program of MBA including 18 professors, 22 associate professors and 22 among them have obtained Ph. D degree. The university also employs part-time professors. Among all the academic leaders there are provincial senior experts in jilin, experts with outstanding contribution in Changchun, Discipline Experts organizing the twelfth 5-year plan and Communication Evaluation Experts Reviewed China’s Social Science Fund Projects. 5 of the faculty members have been awarded as new-century talents in Jilin Province and 2 of them have been awarded as Chunmiao Talents

    The school of Management and Economics has a powerful team of teachers with international vision and capable of teaching students in English. The school has all along been positively exploring international cooperation and currently established joint-cooperation in academic research and students exchange with many universities from foreign countries. Nowadays, a majority of our excellent teachers and academic scholars have experience with oversea education in famous universities from the U.S., Japan, Germany, the Britain and among others.  

    Cultivation Goal

    The program aims at training students to master modern management theory, methods and skills with a global vision and strategic view. Students are supposed to be fostered as senior business administration talents with rich humanistic spirit and sense of innovation. They are to be trained to obtain theoretical knowledge with actual abilities as follows,

     (1) The ability to obtain knowledge

    Through various learning forms and channels, students are expected to have a deep understanding of theory, methods, techniques and expertise at business administration. They are go get familiar with the latest developments and trends in the discipline

     (2) The scientific research and innovation capacity

    Students are expected to grasp basic research methods and techniques on business administration, and figure out relevant scientific issues from literature and management practice, so as to propose solutions to the problems. Students will be trained to have strong independent working and research capability in the field of management.

     (3) The ability of business communication

    Students need to be proficient in a foreign language, and can read relevant literature review in a foreign language, as well as have the ability to use a foreign language for business communication.

     (4) Academic Exchange Capacity

    Students are not only able to read foreign materials concerning their research, but also are capable of writing, translating, listening and speaking in a foreign language. Students need to have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, as well as the ability to communicate, compete and cooperate with partners under certain international perspective and cross-cultural environment.

    Contact Information

    TEl: +86-431-8558-3291
    Fax: +86-431-8530-9021
    Address: 307, Teaching Building, No.7186, Weixing Road, Changchun, Jilin Province, 130022, P. R. China
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School of Chinese Literature

School of Law